zaterdag 16 juli 2011

NEW: Mick Payton's erotic photography now available in Second Life!

A new gallery will officially open this weekend, at the Second Life Art Sim Body, Mind & Spirit, with gorgeous erotic photography from the very talented Real Life photographer Mick Payton.

The Openings Reception with champagne is scheduled on Saturday 16th of July at 1PM Second Life time (this is 10PM European time and 9PM UK time).

During the Openings Reception, from 1PM till 2PM SLT, you will get one free artwork in this new gallery for every other artwork you buy :)


Mark Davis, Mick Payton's agent in Real Life, about Mick Payton:

"Born 1953, Mick Payton’s working life started in the less than artistic domain of steel engineering. A career change saw him venture briefly as a driving instructor before a chance photoshoot with an aspiring model lead to the realisation that, although raw in essence, there was considerable potential in a life for him behind the lens.

Steadily, the number of aspiring and subsequently established models wanting their portfolios enhanced by Payton’s grasp of high quality atmospheric fine art nude photography grew. His workload developed to a point where he was able to make a full time vocation from what was fast becoming his passion.

In the years that followed, his style became a forbearer for modern tasteful erotica, with Payton becoming one the first erotic photographers to find widespread commercial acceptability within his chosen genre of art.

Since 1998, Payton has been commissioned for more than four calendars every year, including both male and female erotica, with many international best sellers across several continents to his name.

In 2007 his career continues from strength to strength, with a regular stream of global commissions and flourishing collectors market for both his limited edition and open edition prints."

You can buy the art from Mick for your First Life at Mark Davis' site Obsessionart.

In Second Life, Mick Payton is represented by his Second Life Art Gallery Manager, yours truly Zena Zemlja. Legal copies of the work of Mick for your Second Life are available in Mick's Second Life Art Gallery at Body, Mind & Spirit, which you find here.

I'm so very proud that Mick decided to distribute his gorgeous work in Second Life through Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit. Exhibiting and selling high quality erotic art in Second Life for over 4 years, Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit most welcomes Mick's exclusive collections of female and male erotic photography.

For the kinky hearted in the SL Lifestyle, the Restrictions Collection, as well as the Femdom and Submissive Collections, presented on first floor of Mick's Second Life Gallery, will add a new and exciting dimension in decorating your SL homes, clubs and dungeons.

The sensual collections of female and male nudes on second floor of the SL Gallery, will enhance any Second Life private home or public club with the special magical sensual touch that comes alive in the erotic photography of Mick Payton.

Mick Payton's Gallery is registered as a Legal Erotic Quality Art Gallery in Second Life. This means that Mick's Gallery is certified by the standards of Legal Quality Art Galleries in Second Life, and part of the Legal Art Galleries Tour Hud that is distributed through the Certificate Kiosks of registered SL art galleries.

Mick Payton's Gallery is also listed on Sasun Steinbeck's website of Art Galleries of Second Life. Mick's Gallery is therefore part of the Art Galleries Tour Hud that is distributed through the Kiosks of Sasun's listed SL art galleries.

Mick Payton's art will also be exhibited at the Adult Second Life Zexpo Event from 26th of August till 4th of September 2011.

Join art group Body, Mind & Spirit, or the group for Legal Erotic Art Galleries in Second Life, to get notified about this and other adult art events.

Thank you for supporting Legal Quality Art in Second Life.

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