zondag 9 mei 2010

Workshops BDSM & Spirituality May & June 2010

New series of BDSM Workshops
I took a little break in April from teaching, but on many requests my series of BDSM & Spirituality workshops will run again this and next month. Location is the Timeless Desires Classroom.

What these workshops are about
These workshops are about the dynamics in D/s relationships, and relate to my BDSM Poetry which you find in my BDSM Poetry Art Gallery Body, Mind & Spirit.
These workshops are not about religion or being religious, but about how the dynamics of D/s can touch our spirit within. Some ideas are Jung based (we all have all archetypes within us: the dominant, the sub, gods, goddesses, yin & yang), but all thoughts are my personal thoughts about D/s and its dynamics. I share those thoughts in the introduction of the workshop and everyone is welcome to share their thoughts about it too in the discussion that follows.

My view on teaching
I am a teacher in both first and second life. I think teaching is not about telling others how they should do things, but challenging people's thoughts and let them make up their own minds. That is why I choose to give workshops and not lectures. Everyone who wants to attend my workshops is expected to respect everyone else’s opinion. It's an adult workshop, not only because the topic is adult rated in Second Life, but also because adult behavior is expected from everyone present.

Workshop I: The liberating aspects of submission
Why do so many subs say to their Dominants: only in your hands, in your chains, at your feet, under your whip, I feel freedom?
How does this paradoxical mystery works in our mind, our body, and in our spirit?
10 AM SLT Wednesday 12th of May @ Timeless Desires Classroom

Workshop II: The liberating aspects of Domination
We don't often hear Dominants say that Domination makes them feel free, like a sub says submission does.
Being a Master/Mistress is a big responsibility and requires taking decisions about someone else’s (second) life.
How can this be a liberating experience?
10 AM SLT Wednesday 26th of May @ Timeless Desires Classroom

Workshop III: Yin and Yang in BDSM
What is Yin?
What is Yang?
What does Yin/Yang has to do with D/s?
10 AM SLT Wednesday 9th of June @ Timeless Desires Classroom

Workshop IV: "Protect me, Break me, Make me Yours."
This is the shortest BDSM poetry by me ever written.
It seems to appeal to so many of Y/you, that this whole workshop is about what it means and how to get there in D/s.
10 AM SLT Wednesday 23rd of June @ Timeless Desires Classroom

For any questions you may have, IM me in world. You can attend the workshops for free. There is a tip jar for those who want to express their appreciation, always very welcome to keep my Sim going.

D/s consults
If you'd like to discuss things in a more private setting, then you can schedule an appointment with either Zena Zemlja (Domme) or Odilia Oldrich (sub), both being D/s consultants. Current charges are 450L for 45 minutes.

zaterdag 8 mei 2010

My Poetry Art in PPP Magazine

The Second Life Magazine Pillow Talk, Poetry & Prose (PPP) takes a look at Second Life's poetic side. The Magazine is run by LadySen Laval, who also has a Midnight Poetry group for meetings of poets in Second Life.


In the third edition of the PPP Magazine, LadySen honored me with writing about my Poetry Art Galleries.


We talked especially about the Carly Collection of my Sensual Mystic Poetry Art Gallery. This collection was inspired by a photo shoot of the very talented first life photographer Marcus Ranum with first life model Carly Champagne.


LadySen also asked me about my other Poetry Art Galleries with the Witches Poetry, Mystic Poetry and BDSM Poetry Collections.


I received a copy of the Magazine with the article and feel so very honored with it. I will be sending it in world in several groups, and a free copy will also be available in my galleries for everyone who is interested to read more about the poetic side of Second Life.