maandag 29 maart 2010

New in Second Life: Toby Jackman Erotic & BDSM Art Collections

Today, 29th of March 2010, the New Story Of O ~ BDSM Art Gallery opens its doors @ Roissy, presenting Toby Jackman Erotic & BDSM Art Collections.

Toby is the first artist I work with that is also a Second Life resident. I have been contacted many times last few years by in world artists, and I am always glad to help them set up their own gallery. I think it is wonderful for artists to bring their first life art to Second Life or to exhibit their Second Life art.

The art in my galleries is either my own (Poetry Art Collections) or the work of first life artists who have allowed me to manage their Second Life Art Gallery for them (Mystical/Wiccan and Erotic/BDSM Collections).

When Toby contacted me and gave me the link to his website, I felt I would like to exhibit his art in my galleries. So I gave Toby two options, for him to either set up his own gallery with my help and advice, or for me to make the gallery for him on same conditions as the other first life artists that I work with.
I'm proud to say that Toby very much liked the idea of becoming a part of my in world business and having his art introduced in Second Life through my galleries.

I chose the first exhibit of Toby to be in the new Story of O ~ BDSM Art Gallery which opens its doors today. The gallery is part of the new Roissy Market near Le Chateau de Roissy at the Story of O sim, a wonderful place in Second Life that is a tribute to the Histoire d'O book/movie that so many of us has inspired to join the lifestyle.

I think Toby’s art is provocative, bold, daring, playing on the edge.
For starters I made him a gallery with 4 collections of each 5 artworks: Domme Collection, Nude Collection, and two Expose Collections.

Toby Jackman, also known in world as Toby Zsun, will be present in the gallery in world today from 11 AM till 1 PM SL time to celebrate the opening of his gallery. Of course, as his art gallery manager, I will be there too. We will love to hear your comments and you can ask any questions you may have.

Be welcome!

BDSM Art Gallery Event @ Story of O ~ Roissy

Visit Toby Jackman's Gallery in world Second Life:
Story of O ~ BDSM Art Gallery @ Roissy

Visit Toby Jackman's website here:
Toby Jackman's website 'Hard Curves'

zaterdag 20 maart 2010

Workshops BDSM & Spirituality March 2010

After I took a break for some months from teaching for first life reasons, my series of BDSM & Spirituality workshops are running again. These are workshops about the dynamics in D/s relationships.

First two ran last two saturdays, about the liberating aspects of submission (Workshop I, 6th of March) and the liberating aspects of Domination (Workshop II, 13th of March).

The last workshop turned into an interesting discussion about not only the liberating aspects from a spiritual point of view, but also from an historical point of view and how this would make a difference in how women and men can experience BDSM being more or less liberating, depending on the D/s role they choose.

For those who missed the first two workshops, you can either get the logs from my BDSM Poetry Art Gallery in world (also available at next workshop III) or you can wait for the whole series to run again next month, which will be at another sim - keep watching this blog.
BDSM Poetry Art Gallery Body, Mind & Spirit

The third workshop in the series will run today, 20th of March at NOON SL time, at Stonehenge Beach Classroom.
Topic of workshop III: Yin and Yang in BDSM.
What is Yin, what is Yang?
What does Yin/Yang has to do with D/s?
Stonehenge Beach Classroom Body, Mind & Spirit

Last workshop in the series will be held next saturday, 27th of March at NOON SL time, at Stonehenge Beach Classroom.
Topic of Workshop IV: "Protect me, break me, make me Yours."
This is the shortest BDSM poetry by me ever written, and it seems to appeal to so many, that this whole workshop is about what it means and how to get there in D/s.
Stonehenge Beach Classroom Body, Mind & Spirit

For any questions you have have, IM me in world. The workshops are for free, there is a tipjar for those who feel so inclined, always very much appreciated to keep my sim going.

D/s consults
If you'd like to discuss things in a more private setting, then you can schedule an appointment with either Zena Zemlja (Domme) or Odilia Oldrich (sub), both being D/s consultants. Current charges are 450L for 45 minutes.

maandag 8 maart 2010

Femdom Art Exhibit for International Women's Day

I've been asked to contribute to the International Women's Day in Second Life by making a Femdom Art Exhibit.

Shayna ThetiSheri from OWK (Other World Kingdom) visited my galleries and chose five artworks from each Marcus Ranum, Igor Amelkovich, and Francois Benveniste, making an exhibit of 15 femdom artworks all together. I put the art up on a wall and this is the result:

Femdom Art Exhibit Body, Mind & Spirit

There are more art exhibits on same sim. Read the official announcements of events from OWK inworld Second Life:

8 March - 16 March 2nd Annual International Women's Day FemDOM Arts and Music Festival

The 2nd Annual FemDom Arts and Music Festival will be at OWK® in Secondlife. OWK Courtyard

The International Women's Day organization lists the various events for women being celebrated around the world and will show events in many countries you can go to. OWK® in SL has decided to celebrate women by offering a special art exhibit and close the evening with music.

Come by the OWK® courtyard and get a look at the exhibits from our talented female contributors: Aruba DeCuir, Shayna ThetiSheri with a debut on her latest work of art called "Empowered", BeeQueen Smythe, Ginette Pinazzo and Roxie Logan.

We will have art on display at the Starr Playhouse from first life photographers Marcus Ranum, Igor Amelkovich, and Francois Benveniste, presented by Zena Zemlja of Body, Mind and Spirit Art Galleries.

We also are displaying art renditions by Second Life residents floormat2000 Skytower, DaSlvBoy Krokus and Jagger Valeeva at the Starr Playhouse.

Come socialize and worship women at the OWK® Courtyard in a sim dedicated to the extreme power of Women.

Music will be provided by FemDom Radio, the music that submissive men love to worship Dominant Women with.

The event will be on March 8th and the art will remain on display through March 16th, 2010.