zondag 28 november 2010

A new Ambrotype by Marcus Ranum for your first life!

This is an unique opportunity to buy a Marcus Ranum Original Artwork for your first life!

This is the ambrotype that is on auction at this moment:

Click here to make a bid on this gorgeous bondage ambrotype original by Marcus Ranum!

All you fans of the bondage art of Marcus, grab this chance to bid on this gorgeous Bondage Ambrotype. If you don't buy it, I will! And I already have bought one few weeks ago :)

These ambrotype artworks are very unique, there is only one of each of them in RL!

Meanwhile I'm working on getting the new galleries ready, and you will love the new collections that I have in store for you. So stay tuned and watch this blog!

zaterdag 16 oktober 2010

Starting over..

I'm writing this with a bleeding heart. It has been already three days ago that I suddenly found I could not access my art sim anymore. I had no idea what was going on, and submitted a ticket right away. Lindenlab responded immediately, they let me know that if tier was not paid for 7 days, the owner's accounts and the sim were closed. I had paid my tier though, I had paid it 5 weeks ahead and still 3 weeks and several days to go. But, I paid the tier to the estate business I bought the sim from. I did not buy from Lindenlab directly. And the people I paid my tier to, had to pay Lindenlab, which they had not :(

I've had this sim for about 18 months, there never was any problem, I had no idea nor any sign that this was coming. I was in a total shock. All my galleries were up there and I could not access them anymore..

Lindenlab let me know they could open the land for me for a few hours to get my belongings, which I gratefully did. I had to pick up all stuff from 10 galleries, over 360 artworks, my monumental gallery for my dad too, my Stonehenge classroom, the events beach, the big park with all the trees, plants, fishes, and other animals. I had to tear down in a few hours that had been build with so much care and love in months of work. It broke my heart. I'm still trying to grasp it.

I could not think straight for a few days where to go from here, buy a new sim right away, I just not dare at the moment. I need to let this experience sink in. Same time, I want the art of all the wonderful artists I work with being available of course, for all of you. It's all in my inventory now. I have two galleries on other sims still up, with a selection of the art. Also several exhibits where art is available. I just decided to buy me also two new parcels, one for setting up the erotic galleries, one for the mystic galleries. This may take a while, I need to take things slow at the moment, but I hope to have first gallery up again in a few weeks, and all of them before December. And I will make you a lovely gift to celebrate the opening of the new galleries, and of course I'll make you all a wonderful Xmas gift, like every year :)

So now for the time being, go here for your art:

Erotic art by Marcus Ranum, Igor Amelkovich, Francois Benveniste, Toby Jackman, and BDSM Poetry art by Zena Zemlja (check second floor!):

Click here to visit the Story of O ~ BDSM Art Gallery

Mystic Art from Samuel Edelstein and Mickie Mueller:

Click here to visit the Wiccan Art Gallery

Exhibits also to find here:

Click here to visit the Chateau de Roissy Art Collection by Marcus Ranum

Click here to visit the Story of O Art Collections @ The House of Ugajin

Click here to visit the Toby jackman Collection @ The House of Ugajin

Click here to visit the Goddess Art Exhibit by Samuel Edelstein for War Child @ The West of Ireland Art Gallery

If you want to buy any art that is not in these current collections, please contact me and I will make sure you will be able to buy it.

I'm sorry for all the inconvenience this will cost my customers, be sure I will do all I can to meet all your loving art needs again soon!

Bright Blessings to all of you,

Zena Zemlja,
Owner Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit.

dinsdag 12 oktober 2010

Ambrotype Art by Marcus Ranum for your Second & First Life!

I bought one of the unique ambrotype artworks from Marcus Ranum on ebay - I received it yesterday and it is awesome!

I have made you two virtual Ambrotype Gifts, one is available at the main Art Gallery of Marcus, the other one at his art exhibit in the foyer du Chateau de Roissy.

The gift you find in the main gallery is the one I bought on ebay for my first life - it's mine, mine, mine, lol. There is only one copy of every ambrotype in first life! Get yours too!

Who is Marcus Ranum?

"Marcus J. Ranum (born November 5, 1962 in New York City, New York, USA) is a computer and network security researcher and industry leader. He is credited with a number of innovations in firewalls, including building the first Internet email server for the whitehouse.gov domain, and intrusion detection systems. He has held leadership positions with a number of computer security companies, and is a Faculty member of the Institute for Applied Network Security."

So this is what wikipedia says about Marcus. In Second Life we know Marcus through his BDSM Art Gallery where his very talented artworks are exhibited by Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit. Photography is a hobby for Marcus, something he does for fun. His works nevertheless show a lot of experience and proffesionalism, and his photo's are so very popular, specially in the lifestyle scene in SL, that he can count on having a lots of fans in this virtual reality.

Marcus has now found a new fun way to finish his photo's: ambrotypes. He likes to share this new method with you and asked me to give you all a virtual copy of two of his first experiments. I already put mines in my SL home, and I love it! If one things shows, next to his perfectionism, it is how Marcus truly has fun with experimenting new stuff.

To get both your copies, visit Marcus' main gallery at Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit for the Ambrotype 'The Gift', and visit his exhibit in the foyer of the Chateau de Roissy for the Ambrotype 'The door is locked'. No membership of group is needed for these gifts, they are meant for the whole BDSM community in SL.

NB: because of the art sim with all the main galleries moving, the ambrotype 'The Gift' will be available temporary at the Story of O ~ BDSM Art Gallery @ Roissy.

Teleport to get your gifts:
Teleport to Story of O ~ BDSM Art Gallery - where the ambrotype 'The Gift' is temporary available.
Teleport to Art Exhibit @ Le Foyer du Chateau de Roissy.

You can also buy these ambrotypes for your first life!
Go here and contact Marcus through his website or link to ebay to see if he has one available at this moment to bid on:
Go to website Marcus Ranum

This is also where you can read more about how the ambrotypes are made.

Current Auction!
There is a current auction of a new unique ambrotype by Marcus Ranum, called 'last breath of summer'. If you're into mask stuff, you may love this one! Go to this link on ebay to make your bid:
Click here to place a bid for the current auctioned ambrotype

I'm planning on having interviews with all the artists who have their Body, Mind & Spirit Art Gallery in Second Life. First interview will be with Marcus. Follow this blog to read all interviews, and to get all the latest news about new art, events, special offers and gifts. You can also join group Body, Mind & Spirit in world SL to get notified.

Thank you for supporting legal and ethical art in Second Life.

Have lots of fun and enjoy your art!

Zena Zemlja,
Owner Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit.

zaterdag 25 september 2010

Once more about Legal and Ethical Art in SL

It's almost a year now after I wrote my first article on this blog, and it was about legal and ethical art in SL. I still have to regularly point out to people to take down art that they sell without having the right to do so. These days, I only point that out if the art is mine or from one of the artists I work with, while I could easily point it out for so many other art that is being illegally sold in SL as well. But, to do the latter, would cost me a 24/7 job. So I only take care of the copyright of my own art and the ones from the artists I work with at the moment, asking others to please respect our Intellectual Property. Most of them do. And some are even glad I pointed it out to them, as they learned something from it, specially by reading that first article I wrote on this blog.

Others think of me as the bad person who is trying to spoil their fun. But I'm not the one spoiling anyone's fun - you are, if you sell art that is not yours to sell! Hey, there are rules to every game, and this game is called: COPYRIGHT. You can choose not to play by its rules, but that means, 'you' are the fun spoiler, and hurting the artists who you steal the art from. For those who did not get that so far, but are willing to try and do better in future, I will repeat the most part of my first article again. It's also meant for those who want to contribute to legal art in SL as a customer, because you can choose to only buy legal art, it's not that very hard to do. And it's a choice you make, one that makes you feel really good once you made it!

So here it is, once again:

As a gallery owner I feel I want to make a special statement to step up for ethical art in SL. There are a lot of gallery owners in SL who not only sell their own art, but also, or only, art from others. There seem to be a lot of misunderstandings about what art you can sell in SL legally and what not. To make those who sell art from others more aware of what is legal, I want to address two topics:
1. Art found on the World Wide Web
2. Art sent by someone else

About Art found on the World Wide Web:
People often mistake the World Wide Web for being 'the public domain'. It is not. If you find a wonderful image somewhere on the internet, and it does not say who the artist is, and it also does not say that it is copyrighted, then that does NOT mean that it is not copyrighted! So by taking that image and using it, you are taking the risk of infringing on the copyright of the creator/artist. Art only is for the use of the public domain if the site where you found the artwork explicitly says so. Usually only art from artists who have died longer than 70 years ago is released into the public domain. You can find more info about this topic at Wikipedia:
Click to go to Wikipedia about art in the public domain

Click to go to Wikipedia about image use policy in the public domain

An example of artwork that is released into the public domain you find here:
Click to see how the image of the Mona Lisa - by Leonardo da Vinci - is released into the public domain

About art sent by someone else:
We often tend to trust others when they tell us that the art is theirs or they would have the right to copy it, or the creator/artist is someone they know and would be oke with the use of the image. Be sure to verify if this is all true. People often believe themselves that they have the right to copy art of others, while they have not. They found it on the net and it did not say it was copyrighted, so that means they can do with it whatever they want and they can give it to you to use for your gallery, right? Wrong! Ask them who the artist of the image is. If they don't know who the artist is, then don't use it. If they do know who the artist is, then find the website of that artist and send him/her a message asking about the use of the image. ONLY use the image if you get a positive written answer from the artist that it is oke for you to exhibit it and sell it for Second Life use. If the artist does not allow you the use - and if he/she does not reply, then you're not allowed the use - then throw the image away and don't use it!

How you can Step Up for Ethical Art in SL:

1. As an art gallery owner:
Do not sell any art in SL that you don't have the written permission for from the original artist.
You sell the art legal, either if you sell it with the written permission of the artist, or if the art is officially released into the public domain - be very sure of that and check it!
You sell the art ethical if you credit the original artist. My advice is to always credit the artist, even if the art is released into the public domain, even if the artist is dead already 300 years, it's their art, so why would you not credit them for the wonderful work they made?

If you are not sure about some art you have in your gallery and want my advice, feel free to contact me. I also give business consults if you like to set up your own gallery and want to know how.

2. As a customer:
Do not buy any art in SL that does not credit the original artist. How do you know this? Does the name or description of the artwork say who the original artist is? If not, ask the gallery owner who it is. If they say they don't know, don't buy the art. If they say they do know, check if they have the written permission of the artist to sell it, and if they have not, then don't buy the art. Because if you do, then you take the risk of buying stolen art. You don't want that on your SL club or home wall, right? Right!

With any questions, IM Zena Zemlja.

Enjoy your Ethical Art in Second Life!

Zena Zemlja,
Owner of Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit,
Galleries for Ethical Art in Second Life.

vrijdag 17 september 2010

New Art by Marcus Ranum in Le Chateau de Roissy

For all you fans of the wonderful art of Marcus Ranum, tomorrow the new art exhibit will open in Le Foyer du Chateau de Roissy. This exhibit is called 'Chateau de Roissy Collection' and it shows five new artworks from Marcus which he recently made. If you love his submission art, these ones will blow you away.

A little preview of what to expect - and a showcase of the dresscode at the chateau: we do like formal :)


I'm a fan of Marcus myself, I so love his artworks, and I am honored to be his Second Life Art Gallery Manager. Of course I will be there tomorrow at the openings reception to answer your questions. Join us for champagne and good company in the foyer of the Chateau at 1 PM SL time (that's 10 PM evening time for europe - 9 PM for UK).

Be sure to get your Ambrotype Gift, made exclusively for the visitors of the chateau. Wanna know more about this special kind of art? Touch the sign in the chateau and learn more about it, here's where to find it:


Teleport to Art Exhibit @ Le Foyer du Chateau de Roissy

Zena Zemlja,
Owner Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit.

zaterdag 11 september 2010

September 11 tribute

In Mickie Mueller's Magickal Art Gallery, with her wonderful collection of wiccan paintings, you will also find an artwork in memory of that day with that terrible event that we all wished never would have happened.

Mickie Mueller about her artwork 'September 11 tribute':


"On Sept. 11 th we all watched in horror as three passenger planes hijacked by terrorists were crashed into the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon, a fourth crashing in the open in Pennsylvania. As I watched it felt like a hole in my heart, complete disbelief. Sometime during the day after the attacks, I had an inspiration. The next day I watched the services for the fallen Americans with many friends around me in the bar where I worked at the time. My friend Dawn brought a candle to light so that we could all be part of it. She and I talked about how we both wanted to do something to help, giving blood was a good thing, but we both felt the need to do something more as well. When I described the picture I had in my head, Dawn agreed to model for me. Her strong emotions about the loss that was felt by us all really came through, and this powerful piece was born.

She may be an angel or a winged Goddess, she is the feminine healing and nurturing Spirit. The eagle she cradles in her arms is injured, but not down for good, his head held high. As she sends divine healing energy to the eagle and the nation he represents, we see four feathers at her feet, symbolic of the four planes that went down. A tear streams down her face and her wings fold around in a protective motion, remeniscent of Isis healing Osiris.. This is my tribute in loving memory of the families, friends, and heros of this country. They are many."

The painting was sent today as a gift in the artgroup Body, Mind & Spirit, and is available for the special price of 99L, only today, in Mickie's Second Life Art Gallery, click for a teleport:
Mickie Mueller's Magickal Art Gallery Body, Mind & Spirit.

dinsdag 24 augustus 2010

Zena Zemlja’s Poetry Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit - Part II.

Read here the second interview about Zena's Poetry Galleries, by LadySen Laval for the Pillowtalk, Poetry & Prose Magazine:

Zena and I began part II of the tour of her awesome facility in the Witches Poetry Art Gallery. Here she expresses her Wiccan ways. Zena explained: “I was born a witch. I know things from within, from past lives, and things my mom taught me, who is a natural born witch too. As a solo witch with an eclectic interest in other beliefs as well, I feel very much attracted by the official Wiccan ways and their writing, like the Wiccan Rede. Same time I noticed that the old Wiccan way describes often things with words I rather do not use. Like in Wicca the expression often is used: harm none. It’s an important Wiccan belief, but the word ‘harm’ itself is not a positive one. Therefore, in my poem ‘The Witches' Guide, which is kind of my short modern version of the Wiccan Rede, I say: ‘wish others the best’, and ‘send out nothing but the good’. I only used positive words to describe that basic Wiccan belief, because I believe in the energy and magic of positive words. I believe everything you put your energy in, grows. This goes for actions, and also for thoughts and words, so better use positive words. I illustrated ‘The Witches’ Guide’ with an image of the moon. I also did with the poem ‘To be a Witch’. The moon is very important for witches. We believe in a Goddess of the Moon and a big influence of the Moon on all of us who live on Earth.”


She continued: “Witches believe we are all One, which is what the poem ‘To be a Witch’ says.” She has a series inspired by Wiccan sayings like ‘blessed be’ and ‘so mote it be’, where she writes what those sayings mean to her. Each poem is displayed on different colors: “For the poem ‘blessed be’ I choose brown, a very earthly color, as this saying is very basic to a witch’s way of life. I chose green for ‘so mote it be’, the color of balance, it's about accepting the flow of life, which one only can do if one is balanced, otherwise we try to control things too much, but accepting what is and what comes is what we are supposed to do. Blue for the poem ‘Blessings of the Goddess’, blue is a heavenly color, opposite to earthly, purple for ‘Bright Blessings’, purple is a spiritual color, pink for ‘Merry Meet’, the soft color for universal love. Witches often greet each other saying ‘Merry Meet’ and when they part they say ‘Merry Part and Merry Meet again’.
Her longer poem ‘The Goddess Within’ is displayed on the second floor of the gallery: “Witches believe in a God and a Goddess. For most witches the Goddess has many faces, and every Goddess represents a different aspect. The poem is illustrated with a painting of Goddess Isis by Samuel Edelstein. Isis is a very important Goddess to me.”


We traveled next to the Mystic Poetry Art Gallery:”These are my mystic poems. People who visit this gallery tell me they are uplifting to them. I'm always glad to hear that.” The most positive one is ‘Believe’. It's one of the first poems I wrote in English (her first language is Dutch) and I need to repeat it for myself often, to keep believing. One time I was a bit depressed myself and a dear second life friend said to me: I will take you to your gallery to read your own poems. It’s funny to say, but it worked. The ‘Believe’ Poem is illustrated with a Waterfall photo by Marcus Ranum.

‘Love is letting go’ (originally written in her first language), was written to cope with the loss of her real life love. Three weeks after writing it, her dad died too. She read it at his funeral which helped her a lot. Other people told her it helped them as well. That is why she translated it in English for Second Life use. She has a monumental gallery for her dad on this sim, with his photo and this poem. It's her way to honor him. She calls it the ‘Better World Heroes Gallery’, because her dad was her hero. Other people can bring a picture of their hero there too and she will frame it for them. The image that illustrates the ‘Love is letting go’ poem is a photoshopped detail from the Sistine Chapel fresco 'The Creation of Adam' from Michelangelo Buonarroti. It's the only image used in her galleries that’s officially released into the public domain. All other illustrations are from living artists, used with their permission for illustrating her poems.


The third Poem: ‘The Road’ has been rewritten several times, the poem changes as her life changes. It is called ‘Your Road’ now. The photo that illustrates the Road poem is another photo by Marcus Ranum. On the second floor of the Mystic Poetry Art Gallery there are three more poems: ‘Sea of fire’, ‘It's time’ and ‘You are the other me’. For the first two poems she used photo's of Amor Fati, one of fire for the ‘Sea of Fire’ poem and the swan one for ‘It's time’. The last poem ‘You are the other me’ was made on a special request, as a wedding gift. She used several stock photo's, of a moon and dolphins, to make the image. ‘You are the other me’ has a double meaning to Zena: a romantic meaning, like with a wedding, but also an universal meaning, as she believes we all mirror each other, and the ones we love are often very strong mirrors.

Our final destination was the BDSM Poetry Art Gallery (BDSM stand for Bondage/Discipline, Domination/Submission, Sadism/Masochism - her definition upon asking for clarification). “It’s the general term used for having kinky sex or having a kinky relationship. What is kinky to one person, is not kinky to the other one, so, every relationship or role-play is defined by the two people who are in it. The basic rule is: do what you both like as long as it is Safe, Sane and Consensual (SSC). The relationships based on BDSM are often called D/s relationships; the D stands for Dominant, the s stands for sub(missive).

This first poem is a tribute to the book/movie Histoire d'O (Story of O). In this poem ‘The Story of O’ she talks about both sides of the coin of D/s, but especially about how submission sets one free. Her sub-alt is called Odilia (named O for a reason, smiles). When people are both sub and Dominant, they are often called switches, although the definition varies. Often only people who switch roles in the same relationship, call themselves switches. The poem ‘Desire’ is signed by Odilia Oldrich, Zena’s alt who is a sub, so it is written by her too. She states “When I login Odilia, I activate another energy of me, one that likes to follow, while my main account Zena logs in with energy of one who is a leader, the one in control.” Odilia wrote this poem for her Master and dedicated it to Him. The poem ‘Pure’ is written and dedicated to one of her current subs. Her next piece ‘Free’ is dedicated to her first second life sub, who was named FreeSpirit.


Three final pieces are to find on second floor of this gallery, first one is ‘Protect me, Break me, Make me Yours’, the shortest BDSM poem she has ever written, “inspired by a drawing of a woman with an expression in her face that says she wants something, longs for something, and same time is a bit scared to go there”. ‘Slavegirl’, was made especially for the Gorean people in second life. “Gor is different from traditional BDSM, but some things are similar - the dynamics in the relationship often are the same, but Gor has different protocol from BDSM. It's very personal what kind of kinky lifestyle one likes; no relationship is ever the same, as we all are different people.” The last artwork on second floor of this gallery is not a poem by Zena, but a quote from Marcus Ranum: “From a discussion about submission in email, I asked him if I could use it as a quote in my gallery, and he allowed me and of course it is illustrated with one of his wonderful submission photos.” Take a trip to Zena’s Galleries to find out exactly what Mr. Ranum had to say.

LadySen Laval

Teleport to Zena's Poetry Galleries:
Zena's Witches Poetry Art Gallery

Zena's Mystic Poetry Art Gallery

Zena's Sensual Mystic Poetry Art Gallery

Zena's BDSM Poetry Art Gallery

For the interview about Zena's Sensual Mystic Poetry, read the first interview here: Interview Zena's Sensual Mystic Poetry

vrijdag 25 juni 2010

New Art @ Two Galleries!

New Art @ Second Floor of the Story of O ~ BDSM Art Gallery

* Histoire d'O Collection by Marcus Ranum
Five new artworks in the collection:

* Roissy Collection by Francois Benveniste
Five new artworks in the collection:

* Story of O Collection by Igor Amelkovich
Five selected artworks from the main collection:

* First time at Roissy: BDSM Poetry by Zena Zemlja
Seven selected artworks from the main collection:

* First time at Roissy: Erotic art by kuel Tardis & Pearl Shieldmaiden.
Their Slam winning poems, illustrated and framed by Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit.

New Art @ Francois Benveniste BDSM Art Gallery

* Les Femmes I Collection
With three brand new artworks:

* Les Femmes II Collection
With three brand new artworks:

* Female-Male Collection
Six brand new artworks:


New Art @ Second Floor of the Story of O ~ BDSM Art Gallery

New Art @ Francois Benveniste BDSM Art Gallery

Enjoy your art!

Zena Zemlja,
Poet, Artist, Art Gallery Owner.

zondag 9 mei 2010

Workshops BDSM & Spirituality May & June 2010

New series of BDSM Workshops
I took a little break in April from teaching, but on many requests my series of BDSM & Spirituality workshops will run again this and next month. Location is the Timeless Desires Classroom.

What these workshops are about
These workshops are about the dynamics in D/s relationships, and relate to my BDSM Poetry which you find in my BDSM Poetry Art Gallery Body, Mind & Spirit.
These workshops are not about religion or being religious, but about how the dynamics of D/s can touch our spirit within. Some ideas are Jung based (we all have all archetypes within us: the dominant, the sub, gods, goddesses, yin & yang), but all thoughts are my personal thoughts about D/s and its dynamics. I share those thoughts in the introduction of the workshop and everyone is welcome to share their thoughts about it too in the discussion that follows.

My view on teaching
I am a teacher in both first and second life. I think teaching is not about telling others how they should do things, but challenging people's thoughts and let them make up their own minds. That is why I choose to give workshops and not lectures. Everyone who wants to attend my workshops is expected to respect everyone else’s opinion. It's an adult workshop, not only because the topic is adult rated in Second Life, but also because adult behavior is expected from everyone present.

Workshop I: The liberating aspects of submission
Why do so many subs say to their Dominants: only in your hands, in your chains, at your feet, under your whip, I feel freedom?
How does this paradoxical mystery works in our mind, our body, and in our spirit?
10 AM SLT Wednesday 12th of May @ Timeless Desires Classroom

Workshop II: The liberating aspects of Domination
We don't often hear Dominants say that Domination makes them feel free, like a sub says submission does.
Being a Master/Mistress is a big responsibility and requires taking decisions about someone else’s (second) life.
How can this be a liberating experience?
10 AM SLT Wednesday 26th of May @ Timeless Desires Classroom

Workshop III: Yin and Yang in BDSM
What is Yin?
What is Yang?
What does Yin/Yang has to do with D/s?
10 AM SLT Wednesday 9th of June @ Timeless Desires Classroom

Workshop IV: "Protect me, Break me, Make me Yours."
This is the shortest BDSM poetry by me ever written.
It seems to appeal to so many of Y/you, that this whole workshop is about what it means and how to get there in D/s.
10 AM SLT Wednesday 23rd of June @ Timeless Desires Classroom

For any questions you may have, IM me in world. You can attend the workshops for free. There is a tip jar for those who want to express their appreciation, always very welcome to keep my Sim going.

D/s consults
If you'd like to discuss things in a more private setting, then you can schedule an appointment with either Zena Zemlja (Domme) or Odilia Oldrich (sub), both being D/s consultants. Current charges are 450L for 45 minutes.

zaterdag 8 mei 2010

My Poetry Art in PPP Magazine

The Second Life Magazine Pillow Talk, Poetry & Prose (PPP) takes a look at Second Life's poetic side. The Magazine is run by LadySen Laval, who also has a Midnight Poetry group for meetings of poets in Second Life.


In the third edition of the PPP Magazine, LadySen honored me with writing about my Poetry Art Galleries.


We talked especially about the Carly Collection of my Sensual Mystic Poetry Art Gallery. This collection was inspired by a photo shoot of the very talented first life photographer Marcus Ranum with first life model Carly Champagne.


LadySen also asked me about my other Poetry Art Galleries with the Witches Poetry, Mystic Poetry and BDSM Poetry Collections.


I received a copy of the Magazine with the article and feel so very honored with it. I will be sending it in world in several groups, and a free copy will also be available in my galleries for everyone who is interested to read more about the poetic side of Second Life.

maandag 29 maart 2010

New in Second Life: Toby Jackman Erotic & BDSM Art Collections

Today, 29th of March 2010, the New Story Of O ~ BDSM Art Gallery opens its doors @ Roissy, presenting Toby Jackman Erotic & BDSM Art Collections.

Toby is the first artist I work with that is also a Second Life resident. I have been contacted many times last few years by in world artists, and I am always glad to help them set up their own gallery. I think it is wonderful for artists to bring their first life art to Second Life or to exhibit their Second Life art.

The art in my galleries is either my own (Poetry Art Collections) or the work of first life artists who have allowed me to manage their Second Life Art Gallery for them (Mystical/Wiccan and Erotic/BDSM Collections).

When Toby contacted me and gave me the link to his website, I felt I would like to exhibit his art in my galleries. So I gave Toby two options, for him to either set up his own gallery with my help and advice, or for me to make the gallery for him on same conditions as the other first life artists that I work with.
I'm proud to say that Toby very much liked the idea of becoming a part of my in world business and having his art introduced in Second Life through my galleries.

I chose the first exhibit of Toby to be in the new Story of O ~ BDSM Art Gallery which opens its doors today. The gallery is part of the new Roissy Market near Le Chateau de Roissy at the Story of O sim, a wonderful place in Second Life that is a tribute to the Histoire d'O book/movie that so many of us has inspired to join the lifestyle.


I think Toby’s art is provocative, bold, daring, playing on the edge.
For starters I made him a gallery with 4 collections of each 5 artworks: Domme Collection, Nude Collection, and two Expose Collections.


Toby Jackman, also known in world as Toby Zsun, will be present in the gallery in world today from 11 AM till 1 PM SL time to celebrate the opening of his gallery. Of course, as his art gallery manager, I will be there too. We will love to hear your comments and you can ask any questions you may have.

Be welcome!

BDSM Art Gallery Event @ Story of O ~ Roissy

Visit Toby Jackman's Gallery in world Second Life:
Story of O ~ BDSM Art Gallery @ Roissy

Visit Toby Jackman's website here:
Toby Jackman's website 'Hard Curves'

zaterdag 20 maart 2010

Workshops BDSM & Spirituality March 2010

After I took a break for some months from teaching for first life reasons, my series of BDSM & Spirituality workshops are running again. These are workshops about the dynamics in D/s relationships.

First two ran last two saturdays, about the liberating aspects of submission (Workshop I, 6th of March) and the liberating aspects of Domination (Workshop II, 13th of March).

The last workshop turned into an interesting discussion about not only the liberating aspects from a spiritual point of view, but also from an historical point of view and how this would make a difference in how women and men can experience BDSM being more or less liberating, depending on the D/s role they choose.

For those who missed the first two workshops, you can either get the logs from my BDSM Poetry Art Gallery in world (also available at next workshop III) or you can wait for the whole series to run again next month, which will be at another sim - keep watching this blog.
BDSM Poetry Art Gallery Body, Mind & Spirit

The third workshop in the series will run today, 20th of March at NOON SL time, at Stonehenge Beach Classroom.
Topic of workshop III: Yin and Yang in BDSM.
What is Yin, what is Yang?
What does Yin/Yang has to do with D/s?
Stonehenge Beach Classroom Body, Mind & Spirit

Last workshop in the series will be held next saturday, 27th of March at NOON SL time, at Stonehenge Beach Classroom.
Topic of Workshop IV: "Protect me, break me, make me Yours."
This is the shortest BDSM poetry by me ever written, and it seems to appeal to so many, that this whole workshop is about what it means and how to get there in D/s.
Stonehenge Beach Classroom Body, Mind & Spirit

For any questions you have have, IM me in world. The workshops are for free, there is a tipjar for those who feel so inclined, always very much appreciated to keep my sim going.

D/s consults
If you'd like to discuss things in a more private setting, then you can schedule an appointment with either Zena Zemlja (Domme) or Odilia Oldrich (sub), both being D/s consultants. Current charges are 450L for 45 minutes.

maandag 8 maart 2010

Femdom Art Exhibit for International Women's Day

I've been asked to contribute to the International Women's Day in Second Life by making a Femdom Art Exhibit.

Shayna ThetiSheri from OWK (Other World Kingdom) visited my galleries and chose five artworks from each Marcus Ranum, Igor Amelkovich, and Francois Benveniste, making an exhibit of 15 femdom artworks all together. I put the art up on a wall and this is the result:

Femdom Art Exhibit Body, Mind & Spirit


There are more art exhibits on same sim. Read the official announcements of events from OWK inworld Second Life:

8 March - 16 March 2nd Annual International Women's Day FemDOM Arts and Music Festival

The 2nd Annual FemDom Arts and Music Festival will be at OWK® in Secondlife. OWK Courtyard

The International Women's Day organization internationalwomensday.com lists the various events for women being celebrated around the world and will show events in many countries you can go to. OWK® in SL has decided to celebrate women by offering a special art exhibit and close the evening with music.

Come by the OWK® courtyard and get a look at the exhibits from our talented female contributors: Aruba DeCuir, Shayna ThetiSheri with a debut on her latest work of art called "Empowered", BeeQueen Smythe, Ginette Pinazzo and Roxie Logan.

We will have art on display at the Starr Playhouse from first life photographers Marcus Ranum, Igor Amelkovich, and Francois Benveniste, presented by Zena Zemlja of Body, Mind and Spirit Art Galleries.

We also are displaying art renditions by Second Life residents floormat2000 Skytower, DaSlvBoy Krokus and Jagger Valeeva at the Starr Playhouse.

Come socialize and worship women at the OWK® Courtyard in a sim dedicated to the extreme power of Women.

Music will be provided by FemDom Radio, the music that submissive men love to worship Dominant Women with.

The event will be on March 8th and the art will remain on display through March 16th, 2010.

zaterdag 27 februari 2010

Eventsweek Body, Mind & Spirit


Monday 1st of March 11am SLT
* The Enchanted Glass

The Enchanted Glass
A wonderful story of mystery and magic, told by the firelog on the Events Beach, by Lilith Tammas and Bucephalus Beaumont.
Events Beach Body, Mind & Spirit

Tuesday 2nd of March 11am SLT
* Kinky Art Gallery Tour Body, Mind & Spirit

Kinky Gallery Tour
A guided gallery tour to visit the BDSM Art Galleries.
Your dedicated guide is Odilia Oldrich.
Your Kinky Gallery Tour starts here

Wednesday 3rd of March 11am SLT
* Workshop Positive Thinking by Zena Zemlja

Workshop Positive Thinking
How to create your own positive experiences, with meditation on the beach to send your wish to the Universe.
Stonehenge Beach Classroom

Thursday 4th of March 11am SLT
* Mystical Art Gallery Tour Body, Mind & Spirit

Mystical Gallery Tour
A guided gallery tour to visit the Mystical Art Galleries.
Your mystical guide is Goddess Blessed.
Your Mystical Gallery Tour starts here

Friday 5th of March 12pm SLT
* Moon Spark!

Moon Spark performing!
The very talented Moon performs on stage of the Events Beach. Songs to never forget, a voice to always remember.
Events Beach Body, Mind & Spirit

Saturday 6th of March 12pm SLT
* Workshop BDSM & Spirituality by Zena Zemlja

Workshop BDSM & Spirituality
First workshop in a series of four: The liberating aspect of submission.
Stonehenge Beach Classroom

Sunday 7th of March 7 am SLT
* Poetry Art Gallery Tour Body, Mind & Spirit

Poetry Gallery Tour
A guided gallery tour to visit the Poetry Art Galleries.
Your poetry guide is the poet/artist herself, Zena Zemlja.
Your Poetry Gallery Tour starts here

Art Galleries Review Contest
From Monday 1st of March till Sunday 7th of March there is an Art Galleries Review Contest for the Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit. Write your best original creative review and be one of the daily winners of cash prizes 500L - 250L - 100L. At the end of the week, three Grand Winners will be chosen to win 1000L - 500L - 250L. You can write reviews every day of the week for all 10 galleries on the art sim, so you have 7 times 10 chances to win!
For more information, teleport to the art sim and touch the eventsbox for a notecard.
Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit

From Monday 1st of March till Sunday 7th of March there will be a special groupoffer in every gallery on the art sim: one of the artworks will be set to 99L only. Collect all 10 artworks :))
Wear your Art Lover's grouptag to purchase!
Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit

zaterdag 2 januari 2010

About my poems

On my art sim I run several Art Galleries for other artists, two with wonderful mystical and wiccan paintings, by Samuel Edelstein and Mickie Mueller, and three with awesome erotic and kinky photography, by Marcus J. Ranum, Francois Benveniste and Igor Amelkovich. I'm very proud to be their Second Life Art Gallery Manager and will write about every one of them in this blog in this new year 2010. But after this new year has started, I need to adress something about my poetry first.

Four of my galleries exhibit my own Poetry Art: Witches Poetry, Mystic Poetry, Sensual Mystic Poetry, and BDSM Poetry. All my poems are my Intellectual Property and Copyrighted © . If you like a poem that much that you like to use it in your SL profile, you are ONLY allowed to do so IF you credit me as the writer, and ONLY IF you use the original writing of the poem. Not crediting the author, or disrespecting the original poem by altering it, is art theft, and will be dealt with as such.

It's not a really nice start of the new year that I had to message several people in SL to please respect my Intellectual Property. I now have put the writing above also in my profile and have added a notecard to every poem and in every poetry gallery. Even put signs up with it. Ofcourse it is nice when people like something I made so much they want to use it, but, my folks taught me not to take what is not mine. For some reason people seem to think, when they like something and it is in some way possible to take it, they just do and tell themselves it's oke. It's not oke. It's art theft.

Those are my poems, my creations, my babies, coming from my heart and soul. By law you are expected to respect that. It's called Intellectual Property and Copyright. It means you don't have any right to use my poems in any way without my written permission. The ONLY use I hereby allow is to put my poem in your Second Life Profile IF you credit me as the writer AND use the ORIGINAL poem ONLY. Note that I ONLY allow use of my poems like this in Second Life Profiles ONLY. Any use of my poems other than this in Second Life, or for whatever reason outside Second Life, is art theft and will be dealt with as such.

One person in SL put the poem in profile without crediting me. Another person saw it and assumed it would be written by the owner of the profile and put the poem in their profile with the name of the other person as the writer. I happened to read the profile, I felt so hurt. There was my creation and someone else was being credited for it. I messaged both, and they changed it both and apologized. The first person said to never have meant this to happen. But this is what happens if you don't credit any author properly.

There now also is an altered version of one of my poems, maliciously altered and handed out to other people. So I found one of my poems being altered in several profiles. Everyone I messaged so far has changed it and apologized. The person who altered the poem did not. I told him I'd sue him and then he removed it, saying he would use it elsewhere then. Well, I have a message for this person: you damn well better not, because I will find ya and sue ya ass off! I think I made myself pretty clear now.

It's very easy to enjoy art and poetry by respecting Intellectual Property. It takes not much effort. Just think of something that is dear to you and how it would make you feel if someone else would take it. So that's how artists feel if you don't respect their Intellectual Property. So now you know. So now, after reading this, you don't have any excuse anymore. So now you will always respect someone elses Intellectual Property and Copyright. Right? Right!

Have a Blessed New Year 2010,

Zena Zemlja,
Poet, Artist, Art Gallery Owner.