zaterdag 16 oktober 2010

Starting over..

I'm writing this with a bleeding heart. It has been already three days ago that I suddenly found I could not access my art sim anymore. I had no idea what was going on, and submitted a ticket right away. Lindenlab responded immediately, they let me know that if tier was not paid for 7 days, the owner's accounts and the sim were closed. I had paid my tier though, I had paid it 5 weeks ahead and still 3 weeks and several days to go. But, I paid the tier to the estate business I bought the sim from. I did not buy from Lindenlab directly. And the people I paid my tier to, had to pay Lindenlab, which they had not :(

I've had this sim for about 18 months, there never was any problem, I had no idea nor any sign that this was coming. I was in a total shock. All my galleries were up there and I could not access them anymore..

Lindenlab let me know they could open the land for me for a few hours to get my belongings, which I gratefully did. I had to pick up all stuff from 10 galleries, over 360 artworks, my monumental gallery for my dad too, my Stonehenge classroom, the events beach, the big park with all the trees, plants, fishes, and other animals. I had to tear down in a few hours that had been build with so much care and love in months of work. It broke my heart. I'm still trying to grasp it.

I could not think straight for a few days where to go from here, buy a new sim right away, I just not dare at the moment. I need to let this experience sink in. Same time, I want the art of all the wonderful artists I work with being available of course, for all of you. It's all in my inventory now. I have two galleries on other sims still up, with a selection of the art. Also several exhibits where art is available. I just decided to buy me also two new parcels, one for setting up the erotic galleries, one for the mystic galleries. This may take a while, I need to take things slow at the moment, but I hope to have first gallery up again in a few weeks, and all of them before December. And I will make you a lovely gift to celebrate the opening of the new galleries, and of course I'll make you all a wonderful Xmas gift, like every year :)

So now for the time being, go here for your art:

Erotic art by Marcus Ranum, Igor Amelkovich, Francois Benveniste, Toby Jackman, and BDSM Poetry art by Zena Zemlja (check second floor!):

Click here to visit the Story of O ~ BDSM Art Gallery

Mystic Art from Samuel Edelstein and Mickie Mueller:

Click here to visit the Wiccan Art Gallery

Exhibits also to find here:

Click here to visit the Chateau de Roissy Art Collection by Marcus Ranum

Click here to visit the Story of O Art Collections @ The House of Ugajin

Click here to visit the Toby jackman Collection @ The House of Ugajin

Click here to visit the Goddess Art Exhibit by Samuel Edelstein for War Child @ The West of Ireland Art Gallery

If you want to buy any art that is not in these current collections, please contact me and I will make sure you will be able to buy it.

I'm sorry for all the inconvenience this will cost my customers, be sure I will do all I can to meet all your loving art needs again soon!

Bright Blessings to all of you,

Zena Zemlja,
Owner Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit.

dinsdag 12 oktober 2010

Ambrotype Art by Marcus Ranum for your Second & First Life!

I bought one of the unique ambrotype artworks from Marcus Ranum on ebay - I received it yesterday and it is awesome!

I have made you two virtual Ambrotype Gifts, one is available at the main Art Gallery of Marcus, the other one at his art exhibit in the foyer du Chateau de Roissy.

The gift you find in the main gallery is the one I bought on ebay for my first life - it's mine, mine, mine, lol. There is only one copy of every ambrotype in first life! Get yours too!

Who is Marcus Ranum?

"Marcus J. Ranum (born November 5, 1962 in New York City, New York, USA) is a computer and network security researcher and industry leader. He is credited with a number of innovations in firewalls, including building the first Internet email server for the domain, and intrusion detection systems. He has held leadership positions with a number of computer security companies, and is a Faculty member of the Institute for Applied Network Security."

So this is what wikipedia says about Marcus. In Second Life we know Marcus through his BDSM Art Gallery where his very talented artworks are exhibited by Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit. Photography is a hobby for Marcus, something he does for fun. His works nevertheless show a lot of experience and proffesionalism, and his photo's are so very popular, specially in the lifestyle scene in SL, that he can count on having a lots of fans in this virtual reality.

Marcus has now found a new fun way to finish his photo's: ambrotypes. He likes to share this new method with you and asked me to give you all a virtual copy of two of his first experiments. I already put mines in my SL home, and I love it! If one things shows, next to his perfectionism, it is how Marcus truly has fun with experimenting new stuff.

To get both your copies, visit Marcus' main gallery at Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit for the Ambrotype 'The Gift', and visit his exhibit in the foyer of the Chateau de Roissy for the Ambrotype 'The door is locked'. No membership of group is needed for these gifts, they are meant for the whole BDSM community in SL.

NB: because of the art sim with all the main galleries moving, the ambrotype 'The Gift' will be available temporary at the Story of O ~ BDSM Art Gallery @ Roissy.

Teleport to get your gifts:
Teleport to Story of O ~ BDSM Art Gallery - where the ambrotype 'The Gift' is temporary available.
Teleport to Art Exhibit @ Le Foyer du Chateau de Roissy.

You can also buy these ambrotypes for your first life!
Go here and contact Marcus through his website or link to ebay to see if he has one available at this moment to bid on:
Go to website Marcus Ranum

This is also where you can read more about how the ambrotypes are made.

Current Auction!
There is a current auction of a new unique ambrotype by Marcus Ranum, called 'last breath of summer'. If you're into mask stuff, you may love this one! Go to this link on ebay to make your bid:
Click here to place a bid for the current auctioned ambrotype

I'm planning on having interviews with all the artists who have their Body, Mind & Spirit Art Gallery in Second Life. First interview will be with Marcus. Follow this blog to read all interviews, and to get all the latest news about new art, events, special offers and gifts. You can also join group Body, Mind & Spirit in world SL to get notified.

Thank you for supporting legal and ethical art in Second Life.

Have lots of fun and enjoy your art!

Zena Zemlja,
Owner Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit.