woensdag 19 december 2012

Marcus Ranum Original Ambrotype

Another chance to get an Original Marcus Ranum for your Real Life! This wonderful piece of work called 'Collapsing From Within' can be yours before Xmas.

These ambrotypes are one of a kind, there only is one of each. You still have 4 days left to make your bid right here

zaterdag 1 september 2012

Roissy Autumn Art Expo 2012

Photo by Laura Demonista

Today 1th of September the Roissy Autumn Expo 2012 will open!

At 2PM Joaquin Gustav will perform his awesome music on his guitar. 
If you never heard him perform before, you are in for a treat!

The outdoor Expo will last during the months of September, October and November at the Roissy - Story of O sim. It is organized by Zena Zemlja, founder of Legal Quality Art Galleries in Second Life. 

The Expo is a showcase of 35 artists who exhibit their adult and non-adult art in Second Life. Themes of the Expo are: Autumn, Seasons, Nature, Sensuality, D/s, Roissy, Paris and France. 

Several artists have created a series of work especially for this Expo: Laura Audebarn (Laura Demonista, see routing nr. 23), Corinne Helendale (see routing nr. 33), and Luvi Unplugged (routing nr. 35). All other artists exhibit a themed series of their ongoing collection. 

The participating artists are registered artists and gallery keepers, certified by the Legal Quality Art Galleries groups. Be sure to visit this colorful art event and bring all your friends!

Routing exhibiting artists:

Hint for your routing: follow the orange autumn leaves :)

All photos of the Expo in this article are created by the
talented photographer Laura Demonista.

1. Merkaba Twine (Aquila Faulds)

2. Juji Kumsung
3. Dixmix Source
4. RMS Maelstrom

5. Amael Juran
6. Harbor Galaxy
7. Zena Zemlja
8. Odilia Oldrich
9. Cat Bocaccio
10. Samuel Edelstein
11. Nima Benoir
12. Mickie Mueller

13. Celina Lavecchia
14. Ravena Decuir
15. DamnedFool Bonde

16. Papillon Coberts
17. Monroe Snook
18. Bobbi Laval

19. Francois Benveniste
20. Toby Jackman

21. Mick Payton
22. China Hamilton

23. Laura Demonista (Laura Audebarn)

24. Marcus Ranum

25. Isabelle Kostolany

26. Rob Steenhorst (Rob Barber)
27. Fuschia Nightfire (sculpt)
28. Fuschia Nightfire (framed)

29. Zenna Seetan
30. Anje Aichi
31. Maena Tammas
32. Bachi Cheng

33. Corinne Helendale
34. Callipygian Christensen
35. Luvi Unplugged
36. Artesano

Enjoy your art!

Zena Zemlja,
Art Curator Roissy Autumn Expo 2012,

Owner Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit,
Founder Legal Quality Art Galleries in Second Life.

The Roissy Autumn Expo 2012 is sponsored by the 
Story of O ~ Le Chateau de Roissy sim
in coöperation with Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit.

dinsdag 10 juli 2012

Agent & Artist

I'm proud to announce an article being published in the latest issue of SL Maniera Magazine on Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit and the Legal Quality Art Groups.

Photo by Kynne Llwellyn 

The article has been written by the awesome Deepthinker Oh, and the illustrations are made by the talented SL photographer Kynne Llewellyn. My Sensual Mystic Poetry Art has been especially featured.

I feel so very honoured, and want to thank the Maniera staff for publishing this wonderful article, and much thanks also for allowing me to use this magazine image for illustrating my blog.

Hope you enjoy to read the article, it's to be found in the issue of July 2012 on page 20, to read it go here

zondag 8 juli 2012

Gor Ambrotype

Finally he's done it! Marcus Ranum made us a Gorean Ambrotype, and the first bids on this unique original one of a kind signed artwork have been made.. boxed by the Master himself.. only 5 days to make it yours.. nuf said, go here.

zaterdag 30 juni 2012

Opening New Adult Art Gallery

Today at NOON Second Life time the renewed Adult Art Gallery at Adult Hub opens officially its doors! We have a program with live singer Carah Nitely and DJ Phl who will spin adult themed music that fits the gallery!

This gallery contains over 30 artists who exhibit their adult art on 4 floors: Second Life art, Real Life art, Digital art, Poetry art, Sculpt art, Interactive art, it's all there and it's all adult!

Best thing about this gallery is that it's all quality adult art which is legally created in SL, or legally brought into SL, and legally framed and sold, meaning either the artist themselves sell it or their Second Life art agent does with their written permission.
This means there is no reason for anyone to ever buy an adult artwork in SL that you don't know the source of, that you don't know the creator of, and after you have seen this gallery you will only want the real and honest art on your walls to decorate your Second Life home or club with!

First Floor

The gallery starts on first floor with Second Life artwork by renowned SL artists like Ainsworth Gastel, Cat Boccacio and Bobbi Laval, who also exhibited in the previous Adult Gallery, but with new collections now in this one. You will also find the work of new in this gallery exhibiting artists like Laura Demonista and Fuschia Nightfire who's work will make you wonder whether it is first life or second life made. Other artists with wonderful SL art on first floor to find: Nima Benoir (Interactive Art!), Papillon Coberts, Carley Noonan, Missy (eddie01nz Florio) and Callipygian Christensen.

Second Floor

The gallery build is an awesome design and an artwork itself, build by Isabelle Kostolany, who is also exhibiting her RL photography on second floor of the gallery. On same floor you will find the RL photography of Toby Jackman as well, who started exhibiting his work in Second Life in the galleries of Body, Mind & Spirit in 2010 and now is having a gallery of his own!

Of course you will also find the art up from the renowned RL photographers Marcus Ranum, Francois Benveniste, China Hamilton and Mick Payton, who have their main galleries at the art sim Body, Mind & Spirit, and who now have brand new collections up that are only available at the Adult Hub Art Gallery! Other Real Life art on this floor is the wonderful mystical paintings of Samuel Edelstein and the lovely sensual drawings of Bachi Cheng.

You will also find some more SL art on second floor, created by the new exhibiting talented Sacha Audeburgh, who even has a work up that shows Ainsworth Gastel as a model! Now I know you will go and see *winks*. Next you will also find the more explicit art of Zenna Seetan, which will amaze you to see how real a virtual pussy looks, and the fine art of Anje Aichi, which will give you the relaxed feel of being in Paris on a lazy sensual sunday afternoon.

Third Floor

Third floor shows Poetry Art by Ravena Decuir, Zena Zemlja and Odilia Oldrich. You will also find the awesome digital work of Rob Steenhorst on third floor, who's work makes you feel like you're a part of it by just looking at it. For those into the D/s Lifestyle the digital art from DP Beaumont is a must to go and see! More great SL art also to be found on third floor by Luvi Unplugged, Juji Kumsung, DamnedFool Bonde, Alyx Aerallo, Molly Bloom, and the wonderful work of Harbor Galaxy, which will make you wonder whether you're walking into a painting, or is it a photo, is it in SL.. or is it RL.. whatever dimension it is, it's awesome :)

Fourth Floor

The top floor is the sculpt area! Awesome work from Amael Juran, Fuschia Nightfire, Bobbi Laval, Artesano, Coventina Dalgleish, and some sensual eggs and kinky steppingstones as well from yours truly Zena Zemlja. Also, if you wanna get active in a kinky way, this is the floor to go, as Serjourn Daxter has put up some interesting interactive kinky stuff that makes you part of the art!

Hope to see you soon! Go here if you want to join the opening party, starting in one hour from now!

woensdag 20 juni 2012

New gorgeous ambrotypes

You have 4 days to buy one of these gorgeous new ambrotypes for your first life! These are one of a kind glassplate artworks, originals from Marcus Ranum, and you now have the chance to buy one!

Make sure to bid on one of these awesome bondage beauties: go here for the ambrotype 'Bottoms Up', and here for the ambrotype 'The Sweet Spot'.

Enjoy your art!

zaterdag 21 april 2012

New Collections at the Story of O Art Gallery @ Roissy

Three weeks ago, on the 31th of March, the new collections in the Story of O Art Gallery were presented.

The Gallery exhibits now brand new collections of four renowned photographers of erotic art: Francois Benveniste, Marcus Ranum, Mick Payton and China Hamilton.

On second floor there is also an exhibit of a selection of the D/s Poetry Art collection: poems about the dynamics in D/s by Zena Zemlja and Odilia Oldrich, illustrated with photography by Marcus Ranum.

Today four exclusive collectible gifts have been added, one from each photographer.

You get them for joining the group Legal Erotic Quality Art (one group welcome gift and one group picks gift) and/or joining group Body, Mind & Spirit (also one group welcome gift and one group picks gift).

Go here to get your copy.

Thank you for supporting Legal Quality Art in Second Life.

zaterdag 25 februari 2012

Official Opening Reception of the New BDSM Poetry Art Gallery

I am so very proud to announce the Official Opening Reception of the New BDSM Poetry Art Gallery:

Noon SLT Saturday 25th of February 2012 @ Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit
Click here for a cab.

It took a long time to get all the new work up, but I hope it was worth the wait for you. There have been several new poetry artworks added, some with totally new poetry written last year by either Odilia Oldrich or yours truly Zena Zemlja. All the poetry in the new collection is illustrated with photography by the most talented photographer Marcus J. Ranum. Thank you so much, Marcus xxx.

Those familiar to the D/s scene of Second Life and knowing my profile, know that these two Second Life Poetry Artists are one and same person in Real Life. Odilia writes her poetry inspired by the relationship with her Master, Zena writes her poetry inspired by the relationships with her subs.

New Poetry by Odilia are the works called 'Yours' and 'Rubber Fairy'. Odilia's poetry is expressing a deep longing to please her Master. Her first poem 'Desire' was written in 2009 and expresses the longing of wanting to please her Master's every desire.

The Poetry Artwork 'Yours' is about expressing how she longs for her body to always be His. The Poetry Artwork 'Rubber Fairy' expresses the longing to be all her Master ever wants her to be.

New Poetry by Zena is the work called 'Gifts from the heart', inspired by her current sub, and expressing how both sides of the D/s coin are a gift to the other, always to be treasured and never to be taken for granted. There is a Mistress' edition available from this Poetry Artwork on first floor of the gallery, and a Master's Edition on second floor.

Another new poem called 'Naked' has been written from both the sub's heart and the Domme's heart: Odilia was inspired by her Master and Zena by her current sub when this poem was written. The Mistress edition, written by Zena, is available on first floor, the Master's edition, written by Odilia, is available on second floor. The poem is about the depth of the D/s relationship in body, mind & spirit.

Next to the new poems, there are also three new editions of poems that have been exhibited before, but were illustrated with photograpy by other photographers. The whole new collection is now illustrated with photography by Marcus Ranum. I'm a huge fan of Marcus' work, and you can see his originals also exhibited in his own SL Gallery @ Body, Mind & Spirit, and also @ Roissy. Marcus has allowed me to use some of his photos for illustrating my poetry, and I'm so very proud being allowed to use his awesome work to complement my poetry.

So there is a new edition of the poem 'Free', which was one of the first D/s poems I wrote, back in 2007, and inspired by my first SL sub, who was called FreeSpirit. The photo by Marcus expresses the act of going into submission and how it makes you feel free to do so, which is also what the poem is about. This artwork is available in 3 languages: english, french and spanish. A french and a spanish sub translated the poem back in 2007, as they were touched by the depth of the poem and they wanted to translate it for their owners. I granted them permission to translate the poem in their language, and they granted me permission to use their translation for making the french and spanish poetry artworks. You will find the poem in all 3 languages at second floor of the gallery.

There are also new editions of the poetry artworks called 'Only in Your hands', and 'Make me Yours'. These both poetry artworks are also available in 3 languages. The photos by Marcus expresse perfectly what the poetry is saying. The artwork "Make me Yours' is also discussed in the D/s workshop series by Zena, what it means and how to get there in D/s.

All poetry artworks are available in two editions: black background with white letter, or white background with black letters. Each edition is available in 6 colors: original, black and white, natural, blue, pink and vintage. The colors pink and vintage are new added for the whole collection, so also for the poetry artworks called 'Pure', 'Desire', 'Story of O', 'Slavegirl', and 'The essence of submission, which you will all find on first floor of the gallery.

Last but not least I have added two new gifts for groupmembers of Body, Mind & Spirit: one dollarbie gift which you can buy for 1L by wearing your grouptag, and a picks gift which you receive for free for adding the gallery to your profile picks. These two artworks are special editions of the poems 'Only in Your hands' and 'Make me Yours' and as collectibles only available for members of group Body, Mind & Spirit. Be sure to get your copy :)

Of course the gallery is certified as a Legal Quality Art Gallery in Second Life!

The BDSM Poetry Art Gallery is located right at landing point of Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit, next to the main gallery of Marcus Ranum on the right and the Sensual Mystic Poetry Art Gallery on the left.

Today there will be Live Music at the reception from 12.30 PM till 01.30 PM by the talented Joaquin Gustav. If you never heard Joaquin play his guitar before, you are in for a treat! So put on your dancing shoes and come on over :)