zaterdag 21 april 2012

New Collections at the Story of O Art Gallery @ Roissy

Three weeks ago, on the 31th of March, the new collections in the Story of O Art Gallery were presented.

The Gallery exhibits now brand new collections of four renowned photographers of erotic art: Francois Benveniste, Marcus Ranum, Mick Payton and China Hamilton.

On second floor there is also an exhibit of a selection of the D/s Poetry Art collection: poems about the dynamics in D/s by Zena Zemlja and Odilia Oldrich, illustrated with photography by Marcus Ranum.

Today four exclusive collectible gifts have been added, one from each photographer.

You get them for joining the group Legal Erotic Quality Art (one group welcome gift and one group picks gift) and/or joining group Body, Mind & Spirit (also one group welcome gift and one group picks gift).

Go here to get your copy.

Thank you for supporting Legal Quality Art in Second Life.

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