zaterdag 1 september 2012

Roissy Autumn Art Expo 2012

Photo by Laura Demonista

Today 1th of September the Roissy Autumn Expo 2012 will open!

At 2PM Joaquin Gustav will perform his awesome music on his guitar. 
If you never heard him perform before, you are in for a treat!

The outdoor Expo will last during the months of September, October and November at the Roissy - Story of O sim. It is organized by Zena Zemlja, founder of Legal Quality Art Galleries in Second Life. 

The Expo is a showcase of 35 artists who exhibit their adult and non-adult art in Second Life. Themes of the Expo are: Autumn, Seasons, Nature, Sensuality, D/s, Roissy, Paris and France. 

Several artists have created a series of work especially for this Expo: Laura Audebarn (Laura Demonista, see routing nr. 23), Corinne Helendale (see routing nr. 33), and Luvi Unplugged (routing nr. 35). All other artists exhibit a themed series of their ongoing collection. 

The participating artists are registered artists and gallery keepers, certified by the Legal Quality Art Galleries groups. Be sure to visit this colorful art event and bring all your friends!

Routing exhibiting artists:

Hint for your routing: follow the orange autumn leaves :)

All photos of the Expo in this article are created by the
talented photographer Laura Demonista.

1. Merkaba Twine (Aquila Faulds)

2. Juji Kumsung
3. Dixmix Source
4. RMS Maelstrom

5. Amael Juran
6. Harbor Galaxy
7. Zena Zemlja
8. Odilia Oldrich
9. Cat Bocaccio
10. Samuel Edelstein
11. Nima Benoir
12. Mickie Mueller

13. Celina Lavecchia
14. Ravena Decuir
15. DamnedFool Bonde

16. Papillon Coberts
17. Monroe Snook
18. Bobbi Laval

19. Francois Benveniste
20. Toby Jackman

21. Mick Payton
22. China Hamilton

23. Laura Demonista (Laura Audebarn)

24. Marcus Ranum

25. Isabelle Kostolany

26. Rob Steenhorst (Rob Barber)
27. Fuschia Nightfire (sculpt)
28. Fuschia Nightfire (framed)

29. Zenna Seetan
30. Anje Aichi
31. Maena Tammas
32. Bachi Cheng

33. Corinne Helendale
34. Callipygian Christensen
35. Luvi Unplugged
36. Artesano

Enjoy your art!

Zena Zemlja,
Art Curator Roissy Autumn Expo 2012,

Owner Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit,
Founder Legal Quality Art Galleries in Second Life.

The Roissy Autumn Expo 2012 is sponsored by the 
Story of O ~ Le Chateau de Roissy sim
in coöperation with Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit.

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