vrijdag 17 september 2010

New Art by Marcus Ranum in Le Chateau de Roissy

For all you fans of the wonderful art of Marcus Ranum, tomorrow the new art exhibit will open in Le Foyer du Chateau de Roissy. This exhibit is called 'Chateau de Roissy Collection' and it shows five new artworks from Marcus which he recently made. If you love his submission art, these ones will blow you away.

A little preview of what to expect - and a showcase of the dresscode at the chateau: we do like formal :)


I'm a fan of Marcus myself, I so love his artworks, and I am honored to be his Second Life Art Gallery Manager. Of course I will be there tomorrow at the openings reception to answer your questions. Join us for champagne and good company in the foyer of the Chateau at 1 PM SL time (that's 10 PM evening time for europe - 9 PM for UK).

Be sure to get your Ambrotype Gift, made exclusively for the visitors of the chateau. Wanna know more about this special kind of art? Touch the sign in the chateau and learn more about it, here's where to find it:


Teleport to Art Exhibit @ Le Foyer du Chateau de Roissy

Zena Zemlja,
Owner Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit.

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