zondag 5 juni 2011

Samuel Edelstein and Mickie Mueller Art Galleries Re-Openings Reception!

It took me some time to get another two galleries up and running, but I made it, yay!
The mystical and magical galleries of Samuel Edelstein and Mickie Mueller will officially re-open on Thursday 9th of June. Mark your calenders!
During the Re-Openings Reception from 11AM till 1PM SLT, you will get one free artwork for every artwork you buy from same artist in both galleries :)


Samuel is an artist who was born in India and currently lives in France. He paints the female divine aspect in many different ways, often showing a lot of mystical symbols in his paintings. His work is truly amazing. I can look at it for hours and I will see something new every time I blink my eyes.

Many of his paintings have a sensual touch, like the seitan series, the pen and ink series, and the meditation series who show the art of pure and nude meditating under the sun, on the beach, in balance with Mother Nature.

This is what Samuel says about his work on his website:

"Painting for me has always been a personal exloration into the nature of the feminine.
Born in India- Land of the Mother Goddess, opend this view, and I began sketching her as soon as I could make a mark on any available scrap of paper.
She has always been strongly represented - Mother, Aya, teachers, sister, friends, daughters and my wife, always having my close Muses.
Honouring the goddess in my heart, has allowed me to explore many of Her forms, styles and attributes, from her intensities of Spirit to Her Profound simplicity of Love, Nature and Pure Mind.
As a man and as a painter I feel this is a good thing to do."

Samuel's art is a mystical journey, and you can take it every day at his website or at his Gallery in Second Life.


Mickie Mueller grew up beneath the great mountains and the desert sky of Albuquerque, New Mexico. They aptly call it "The Land of Enchantment." She was exposed to art all her life, both of her parents’ were prominent artists and craftspeople in the area, and she was influenced by many of the great artists of the Southwest, all friends of the family.

Today Mickie has a growing business with her magical fantasy art. Her work has been seen in magazines and books internationally, including a school textbook in Norway. Her prints are sold in catalogues and on the Internet all over the world. She has two critically acclaimed divination decks published by Llewellyn, The Well Worn Path and The Hidden Path.

Mickie’s third deck comes out in 2011 and is her first deck that she created on her own, concept, writing, and art. The Voice of the Trees, A Celtic Ogham Oracle is based on the rich and fantastic Celtic history, myths and legends and the Ogham system of letters used in 4th-6th century. More information about the Voice of Trees you find

Mickie's thoughts on creating fantasy art::

“I decided to make my dreams reality, drawing upon the magic that I grew up with, singing to inchworms with my mother and watching nature create miracles in the sun and under the moon. I love researching the legends of fairies, Goddesses, nature spirits, folklore and history. I feel these themes are a part of us all on a deeper level, so when I have an opportunity to reach into that realm and bring something back, it’s an honor and I feel that I have a certain responsibility to do it with respect to these powerful entities. When I work on a piece, these beings speak with me, and when someone else sees it, and loves it, they get to be a part of that fantastic realm where anything and everything is possible too, and bring that energy into their lives.”

Mickie's art is soul touching for the wiccan hearted, her paintings bring that magical touch into your life that makes you feel at home, be it your home in First Life or in Second Life. The magic is available for you in both your lifes: buy Mickie's prints for your First Life at her website shop, and get some for your Second Life, right here :)

A selection of the art of Samuel and Mickie is also exhibited in the Wiccan Art Gallery @ Witches Island, which you can visit here.

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