zondag 24 juli 2011

NEW: China Hamilton's erotic photography available in Second Life!

Another new gallery will officially open this weekend, at the Second Life Art Sim Body, Mind & Spirit, with amazing erotic photography from the most talented Real Life photographer China Hamilton.


The Openings Reception with champagne is scheduled on Sunday 24th of July at 1PM Second Life time (this is 10PM European time and 9PM UK time).

During the Openings Reception, from 1PM till 2PM SLT, you will get one free artwork in this new gallery for every other artwork you buy :)


China Hamilton has established a considerable global reputation as photographer of fine art erotic images of women.

He has been seen as one of the leading fine art photographic printers of the twentieth century. He strove to produce photographs that were each unique pieces of creative work. In this quest he mastered and improved many historic processes and has contributed to photographic science a number of new printing processes including making photographic images upon hand made watercolour paper and copper sheets.

His work has often examined the darker side of female sexuality alongside his more traditional erotic pictures. Much of his later work is inspired by sadomasochistic subjects. This particular theme has made this aspect of his work controversial though its reflection upon the power and private expression of women has brought a new sensitivity and respect to this subject. His unique and distinctive style of image has often been the inspiration for the work of other photographers.

You can buy China's work from his own website or from Obsessionart. Copies of his book 'Velvet Nights' are available at Amazon.

In Second Life, China Hamilton is represented by his Second Life Art Gallery Manager, yours truly Zena Zemlja.


Legal copies of the work of China for your Second Life are available in China's Second Life Art Gallery at Body, Mind & Spirit, which you find here.

China's photography is not like any other photo's you've seen in SL. His work has a mystical touch that expresses the darker side of his erotic work. The Lifestylers in SL with a bit more extreme kinky taste will surely appreciate these dark collections.

Personally I love the Pants Collection which is exhibited on first floor of the gallery. Other collections exhibited are the Bend Collection, Waiting I, Waiting II, Discipline I, Discipline II and the Submission Collection.


The special offers to buy a whole collection of 6 artworks for the price of 4, are great value for those who want to decorate or redecorate their SL homes, castles, dungeons or clubs.


China Hamilton's Gallery is registered as a Legal Erotic Quality Art Gallery in Second Life. This means that China's Gallery is certified by the standards of Legal Quality Art Galleries in Second Life, and part of the Legal Art Galleries Tour Hud that is distributed through the Certificate Kiosks of registered SL art galleries.

China Hamilton's Gallery is also listed on Sasun Steinbeck's website of Art Galleries of Second Life. China's Gallery is therefore part of the Art Galleries Tour Hud that is distributed through the Kiosks of Sasun's listed SL art galleries.

China Hamilton's art will also be exhibited at the Adult Second Life Zexpo Event from 26th of August till 4th of September 2011.

Join art group Body, Mind & Spirit, or the group for Legal Erotic Art Galleries in Second Life, to get notified about this and other adult art events. Erotic Gallery Tours are regularly hosted by the lovely Odilia Oldrich.


Thank you for supporting Legal Quality Art in Second Life.

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