donderdag 4 augustus 2011

The Gathering Storm

Here's another opportunity to buy an unique Marcus Ranum Original Artwork for your first life!

This is the ambrotype that is on auction at this moment:

Click here to make a bid on this gorgeous bondage ambrotype original by Marcus Ranum!

All you fans of the bondage art of Marcus, grab this chance to bid on this gorgeous Bondage Ambrotype! I already bought two of them myself and I garantee you, this is something special which you will cherish once you hold it in your hands :)

These ambrotype artworks are very unique, there is only one of each of them in RL!

Missed this one?
Stay tuned and watch this blog for more ambrotypes on auction!

To buy Marcus Ranum's Original Ambrotypes for your Second Life, go here.

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