donderdag 20 april 2017

News Update 2017

Currently three galleries are up and running. 
The main gallery and the adult gallery have both moved to a new location. 
Be welcome to pay them a visit.


Main Art Gallery

The Main Art Gallery is now located at Waterfalls of Wonder. Here you find collections of all artists: Marcus Ranum, Francois Benveniste, Samuel Edelstein, Mickie Mueller, China Hamilton, Mick Payton, Zena Zemlja, Odilia Oldrich. Both adult art and mystic art are exhibited in the main gallery: photography & paintings & poetry. 


Histoire d'O Art Gallery

The Histoire d'O Art Gallery is now located at Capucine Island. 
This adult gallery has been supporting the Original Roissy community since it was founded back in 2007. The sim is gone, but the community is still alive in Second Life. 
Currently art is up from Marcus Ranum. Soon collections from other artists will be exhibited in this gallery as well. 


Wiccan Art Gallery

The Wiccan Art Gallery is the one gallery that never moved in SL since I founded my art business back in 2007. It is located at and supporting Witches Island ever since. Currently art is up from Samuel Edelstein and Mickie Mueller. Soon a selection of my Witches Poetry will be exhibited in this gallery too. 

Be welcome and enjoy!


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