dinsdag 28 juli 2015

Update Art Galleries

It was time to reorganize the galleries. Like in rl, a lot of businesses in SL have been closing because of the crisis that has hit us, yes, it also has hit the virtual worlds. My art business is so lucky to survive, but I had to size it down last few months.

So all galleries on the previous art sim, where each artist had one gallery of its own, are now combined into one big gallery: the Main Art Gallery Body, Mind & Spirit. You will find collections of each artist and those collections will be changing every few months.

Next to that I started uploading a selection of all collections to SL Marketplace. Currently up some erotic photography collections and a selection of the witches poetry. Be sure to login and have the maturity set to adult to see the erotic collections. More to come!

Currently up in the Main Art Gallery Body, Mind & Spirit inworld: the erotic and D/s photography by Marcus Ranum, Francois Benveniste, China Hamilton and Mick Payton.

Also up inworld in the Main Art Gallery: the mystical paintings by Samuel Edelstein and the wiccan art by Mickie Mueller.

Last but not least exhibited at the Main Gallery: a selection of the poetry by Zena Zemlja and Odilia Oldrich.

The Histoire d'O Art Gallery has moved from the old Roissy sim to the new Roissy-en-France sim. The full Story of O art collection of Marcus Ranum is still up, but will change over time into D/s collections of several Body, Mind & Spirit photographers.

The Wiccan Art Gallery is still up at Witches Island, where it is located since 2007, currently exhibiting the art of Mickie Mueller and Samuel Edelstein. The art collections in this gallery will change every few months too. You will be notified!

Enjoy your art!

Bright Blessings,

Zena Zemlja,
Owner Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit,
Founder of Legal Quality Art Galleries in Second Life.

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