vrijdag 13 februari 2015

Adult Furnished Homes for Rent

Welcome to Body, Mind & Spirit Properties!

You are renting a fully furnished home with high quality adult furniture in the living room, bedroom, bathroom and your own private playroom. Your home and most of the furniture is built with the newest mesh technology.

You are living on quiet peaceful lowlag homestead sim, renting a 6048 m2 parcel with the use of 346 prims. Next to the fully furnished home of 246 prims, this allows you 100 extra prims for own use.

You have the additional option for a little pond in your backyard and a fully flowered garden, which still will leave you with at least 50 prims for own use.

You will not really need the extra prims, since the home is completely furnished, with fully working lamps, a newspaper on table, and even towels and bathrobes in your bathroom.

You may want to save your prims for practical purposes like unpacking, and for allowing props to rezz when using the furniture.

Your home is decorated with erotic quality art in each room.

The art in the homes is sponsored by Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit, founder of Legal Quality Art Galleries in Second Life.

You are renting a home at a SIM with an appreciation for the famous novel Histoire d’O (Story of O) by Pauline Réage. Therefore you will find the fully equipped Story of O Pillars in your home.

The Story of O Pillars in the homes is sponsored by Domshop, your one stop shop for BDSM furniture.

You rent this fully furnished adult home for only 3000 L a month.

You have the option to pay 750 L a week (which would be 3215 L a month). So paying per month gives you a discount on the rent of 50 L a week (a total discount of 215 L a month).

Go here to see the rentals or buy the landmark at Marketplace.
(Login to Marketplace to see the rentals, they are set to adult content.)

Send a message (IM or notecard) to Zena Zemlja if you are interested in renting a home.

You will be granted the abilities to manage your parcel as a renter. You also will be added to the system to manage your home doors and windows.

There are only 4 of these new furnished homes for rent. Only two of them are currently available.

All four homes for rent are located at the East side of the big pond and bridges where the swans swim and are fed.

On the West side of the SIM the galleries of Body, Mind & Spirit are located, with mystical and erotic art.

Next to the galleries you find the Stonehenge classroom for art related spiritual and adult workshops, where unicorns meet, deers are fed, and birds sing you every day their happy song.

With any questions, contact Zena Zemlja or Odilia Oldrich, Body, Mind & Spirit Properties Managers.

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