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Opening Witches Poetry Art Gallery

I proudly announce the opening of the Witches Poetry Art Gallery.

Finally after three years the Witches Poetry Art Collection is up again, and new works have been added. With the opening of this gallery, all galleries on the art sim Body, Mind & Spirit are now up and running.

Zena Zemlja, poet, artist, art gallery owner.

The last two galleries to open were quite a special process to me, which you can read about in my previous post as well. Both my Mystic and Witches Poetry, like all my poems, are written straight from my heart, and they are about believing in the magic and miracles of life. Something I did not really believe in anymore last year, because of events in my RL. 

The Witches Poetry Art Gallery by the Old Oak

With the help of friends and family, I began to see light at the end of the tunnel, and I dared to start dreaming again. It was then that I dared to believe in my own poetry again as well. So if you are in that dark place that I talk about, then know there is a light at the end of your tunnel too. Keep walking. Take a deep breath and keep walking. You will get there. You will.

Zena in front of her gallery

I hope sharing my poems with you may lift up your spirit and help you dare to dream the life you want to create from deep within. Miracles do exist. 
For those who dare to believe. 

 The Witches Poetry Art Gallery by the Old Oak

My mystic poetry is for everyone. My witches poetry in this gallery might be best understood by those with an interest in the wiccan and pagan way of life. But most poems are written from this witches' heart in words that I think everyone will understand. 

Moon Editions First Floor

The poem 'The Witches' Guide' and 'To be a witch' are both about what it means to me to be a witch. You find both poems, illustrated with a moon, on first floor of the gallery. They come in several colors, and are available as framed wall art or meditationmats. 

Wall art and mediationmats

The Witches Blessings series are five short poems about Wicca sayings and Wicca blessings, expressing what they mean to me. I have used a pressed leaves texture as a background to write them on and they are available in a coloured series as well as a black series, either as framed wall art or as mediationmats.

Witches Blessings poems

Next to the entrance you will find two group gifts, of which one is a free picks gift of the Witches' Guide written on Parchment, and the other one is a dollarbie welcome gift mediationmat with the poem 'To be a witch' on a green leaf. 

Gifts near the entrance

On second floor you find the poems Witches' Guide and 'To be a witch' in a more adult version, illustrated with a dark sensual witch, photography by Marcus Ranum. Thank you, Marcus!

Adult Editions Second Floor

The other two artworks on second floor are illustrated with photography by Marcus Ranum as well: 'Light of Justice', and my latest work 'After Her Own Image'.

Newest poetry second floor

Outside of the gallery you find a poetry artwork on an easel, called 'The Goddess Within'. It tells about what the Goddess means to me. The poem is illustrated with a wonderful painting of the Goddess Isis by Samuel Edelstein.
Thank you, Samuel!

The Goddess Within

Outside of the gallery you also find several series of steppingstones, one with 'to be a witch' written in stone, available in five colors, and a series of mystical blessings written on multicoloured leaves. All steppingstones are available in regular or giant sizes.

Poetry Steppingstones

I also made you a series of the Wicca Blessings on steppingstones in five colours. Last but not least you can take home the Witches' Guide written in a pentacle on a carpet with 5 meditation animations to meditate on with your friends, also available as a solo mat, both come in six colors. 

Wicca Blessings, Poetry rugs and mats

You also find two series Giant steppingstones on the path from sim landingpoint to the Stonehenge Classroom up the hill.

Stonehenge Classroom

I have planned an official opening with reception on
Wednesday 17 July at NOON SL time.
(This is 21.00 Europe time and 20.00 UK time)
Of course I will be there to answer all questions you may have.

Your invitation

To celebrate the gallery opening there will be LIVE MUSIC at 1PM SL time.
(This is 22.00 Europe time and 21.00 UK time)

Moon Spark perfoms live!

The amazing talented MOON SPARK will be singing live for us. 
She is one of my favo singers. If you have never heard her sing, you are in for a treat!

A voice that will rock your ears and guitar playing that moves your heart!

This talented singer will have you sing along with some awesome covers and original tunes. With her raw edgy sound and loads of laughter during al of her tracks, she makes you want to hear more!

Make sure to be here and don't forget to bring your friends!

To visit the Witches Poetry Art Gallery, go here.

Be welcome!

To create the poetry artworks, meditationmats and steppingstones for this gallery, several stock images by FantasyStock - Stock Art Resources are used according the stock rules of the site http://fantasystock.deviantart.com/ 

The image for the poem 'The Witches Guide - on parchment' and the texture for the wicca blessings steppingstones are made from stock photos by Struck Dumb, used according the stock rules of the site http://struckdumb.deviantart.com/

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