zaterdag 29 juni 2013

Opening Mystic Poetry Art Gallery

This weekend the Mystic Poetry Art Gallery opens its doors again after a period of three years. It has been that long for me to move all my galleries from the previous sim, and my mystic poetry collections have not been up since. 

New Mystic Poetry Art Gallery

I first started opening the galleries of other artists on my new sim, back in 2011. Four galleries with my poetry collections were to open as well, and I did manage to open two of them in 2011. Now there are two more left and it is quite a miracle to me that I finally can open the doors of my new Mystic Poetry Art Gallery.  


Because this is a gallery with spiritual poems so very dear to me. I wrote them to lift up my own spirit when I was down in life. Writing always made me bounce back again. But last year some rl events caused me to stop believing in my dreams. 
So I stopped dreaming. 

Sunset at Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit

When you stop dreaming, your world becomes a really dark place to be. 
Fortunately I have some wonderful loved ones in my life that lighted a candle for me. 
Even the darkest darkness will be lightened by the smallest candlelight. 

Sunrise at Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit

So even if I may have lost some of my dreams, I now decided I can make new ones. 
If I can make new dreams, you can do too. If I can start believing again, you can too. 

Poems Believe, The Road, Miracle
First Floor

I know I still have a long road to go. But some day I will get there. 
My poetry says so :)

Poems Letting go, The Silver Track
Second Floor 

New poems and a quote by MLK have been added to my collection. 
You can find them on second floor of the gallery.

Poem Secret Place, and Faith Quote MLK
Second Floor

Opening Reception
Please join me in celebrating the opening of my Mystic Poetry Art Gallery
with a Reception that will be held:

Sunday 30 June 2013 at 11 AM SL time. 
(This is 20.00 Europe time and 19.00 UK)

Live Music by the talented Joaquin Gustav at Noon (12pm) SL time
 (21.00 Europe/20.00 UK)

Poems It's time, Sea of fire, Love is letting go
First Floor

Be welcome!

To visit the gallery, go here.

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