vrijdag 18 maart 2011

Update New Art Sim and New Art Groups

I feel I want to make an update for everyone to read, customers, group members, artists and everyone who is in one way or another involved in the development of the new art groups or my new art sim and other galleries I am currently working on. I am quite busy with all of the new developements on all subjects and they are so very exciting.

New Art Groups

The two new groups for Legal Quality Art both have reached over 100 members already and are still growing steadily. Several artists and art gallery owners, like Maena Tammas and Toby Jackman, have asked to get certified and I am working on the certificates as I write this. Sasun Steinbeck is making a cool database to store them, and if Sasun makes it, that means it's gonna be a Quality Database for Quality Art Galleries :)

The word is getting out more and more about the new groups and the article is being blogged on several other sites too. Nima Benoir wrote a wonderful review, thank you so much, Nima.

Bobbi Laval contacted me to have a talk about some concerns for SL based art, which in some ways are different from RL art brought into SL. I have contacted Madison Arnahan and she generously allows us to use her lovely Palais Orleans Art Studio for a meeting to talk things through. This meeting for SL based artists will be in April - date and time will be communicated on this blog and in art groups in world. We will make sure all concerns of SL based artists will be heard and aknowledged, and we will find a way to integrate them in the new groups for legal quality art.

New Art Sim

The big move from all Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit is still taking place, slowly but steadily. First two galleries opened recently with a wonderful reception on the new sim: the photography galleries of Marcus Ranum and Francois Benveniste - who I both will have interviews with on this blog soon too.

I'm working at this moment also to get the mystical paintings up and running, the gallery of Samuel Edelstein is almost finished and the gallery of Mickie Mueller will be next and next door to Samuel's. Plans are to have a big reception for the re-opening of these two wonderful mystical art galleries last weekend of this month. Balloons will be up!

I am also working on new galleries for new artists I work with. I am so excited to announce that another two well known and talented photographers have decided to exhibit their art in Second Life through Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit: China Hamilton and Mick Payton. I plan to have a big reception in April to open both their galleries, bought the champagne already!

Last but not least, I still have to set up my 4 poetry galleries with my poetry art, and some of you may think what is keeping her that long? Well, first of all, I am making some new collections, like both the Mystic and BDSM Poetry Collection will be expanded with several poems I recently made and some known poems will have a makeover in a brand new edition. I also added some new colors to the whole collection, on request, and am figuring out how to exhibit them in the new galleries on the new sim, it is going to be a huge collection now and I only have 4 galleries... lol. Just so you know I'm busy allright *winks*. And I hope you all will say that the results will have been worth the waiting :)

Other Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit

Next to my new art sim, I still have galleries at Roissy and Witches Island as well, currently also changing collections there, and one collection at Roissy is a big yummy surprise for the art fans of Marcus Ranum!

Stay tuned and watch this blog! Love you all.

Bright Blessings,


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