woensdag 2 februari 2011

Marcus Ranum and Francois Benveniste Art Galleries Re-Openings Reception!

I have my art sim back! Yay!

And I am celebrating it with the re-opening of the galleries of the two very talented photographers of erotic art and bdsm art that I work both with for several years already: Marcus Ranum and Francois Benveniste.

But before I tell you more about Marcus and Francois, I want to thank someone special in Second Life, who helped me rebuild my art sim, and who helped me through a rough time last year in both of my lifes: my dear friend and SL bf MeGaByTe: thank you so much for being there for me, because I could not have done this without you.

Marcus Ranum

Who is Marcus Ranum? If you don't know the answer to that question, you have not been in my galleries the last three years :) Marcus is an extremely talented photographer, and I am so very proud to be his Second Life Art Gallery Manager. His art is very popular is SL, especially his Submission Art and his Bondage Art. He also has a Gorean Collection which is very much appreciated by the Gorean Community in SL. You can buy the art from Marcus also for your first life: go here to his website.

Marcus has recently started a new kind of art making: ambrotypes, which you can all read about here. I regularly post the ambrotypes that are for sale in this blog, and you may want to bid on them, they are unique artworks for your first life.

I also know Marcus is a very special person, someone who often says that one sentence or that one word that makes me put my chin up again when I need it, which was so very welcome especially last year. Thank you so much, my friend, for being you.

You will find the new gallery of Marcus in SL right here.

Francois Benveniste

Since two years I have the honour of being the Art Gallery Manager of Francois Benveniste. I feel so lucky having that privilege, because his art has become very popular by the members of my artgroup.

Often I witness customers walking into his gallery and being immediately in an awe, loving the french sensual touch of his photography and the special ways he uses the light in his work.

The art of Francois is extremely popular in the Femdom Community of SL, and his photo's of couples, both female-female, and also female-male, are very sensual and artistique. You can buy the art of Francois for your first life on his website which you can find here.

You will find the new gallery of Francois in SL right here.

So tomorrow, Thursday 3th of February 2011, there is a Re-Openings Reception for both galleries of Marcus and Francois. I will give a gallery tour for the art of Marcus at 11 AM SL time (8 PM Europe time and 7 PM UK time), and another gallery tour for the art of Francois at Noon SL time (9 PM Europe time and 8PM UK time).

If you cannot make it to the reception, do not despair :) You can already visit the gallery today, and as many times you like all others days of the year as well. I have put up a bottle of champagne already for you, and I will keep it on ice for you for the next couple of days, for whenever it suits you to visit and have a glass of the finest SL Champagne, to celebrate the re-opening of the art galleries of these two wonderfully talented photographers.

Cheers and bottoms up!

(I know some of you think of other bottoms now, especially after you've seen the galleries :))


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