donderdag 11 september 2014

Never forget 9/11

Today I sent the artwork 'September 11 tribute' by Mickie Mueller as a gift in group Body, Mind & Spirit. It is such a healing image, it touches my soul every time I see it. I hope it may bring comfort to the ones who receive it.

Mickie Mueller about her artwork:

To buy this work for your Real Life, go here.

"On Sept. 11 th we all watched in horror as three passenger planes hijacked by terrorists were crashed into the World Trade Center, and the Pentagon, a fourth crashing in the open in Pennsylvania. As I watched it felt like a hole in my heart, complete disbelief. Sometime during the day after the attacks, I had an inspiration. The next day I watched the services for the fallen Americans with many friends around me in the bar where I worked at the time. My friend Dawn brought a candle to light so that we could all be part of it. She and I talked about how we both wanted to do something to help, giving blood was a good thing, but we both felt the need to do something more as well. When I described the picture I had in my head, Dawn agreed to model for me. Her strong emotions about the loss that was felt by us all really came through, and this powerful piece was born.

She may be an angel or a winged Goddess, she is the feminine healing and nurturing Spirit. The eagle she cradles in her arms is injured, but not down for good, his head held high. As she sends divine healing energy to the eagle and the nation he represents, we see four feathers at her feet, symbolic of the four planes that went down. A tear streams down her face and her wings fold around in a protective motion, remeniscent of Isis healing Osiris. This is my tribute in loving memory of the families, friends, and heros of this country. They are many."

To visit Mickie's Second Life Art Gallery, go here. To buy her art for your first life, go here.

A selection of the art of Mickie is also exhibited in the Wiccan Art Gallery @ Witches Island, a Wiccan Second Life Community run by the Children of Artemis in the UK which you can visit here.

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