zondag 20 januari 2013

Lighthouse Art Gallery @ Roissy

Today the lovely old Lighthouse opens officially at Roissy. I have turned it into an art gallery for you to enjoy, with the wonderful artwork of the renowned french photographer Francois Benveniste. His work is well known for its sensual images and the special light effects.

The art is exibited on first and second floor of the lighthouse, and also outside in the gardens on both sides of the gallery. There is also a classroom built in the garden, where workshops will be held. Join group Body, Mind & Spirit to get notified.

Don't forget to take the ladder all up to the top of the lighthouse. You will enjoy a wonderful view over the whole sim of Roissy and also over the sea. You may want to set your sun to sunset for an awesome sea view.

The music played on the gallery parcel is from the talented Joaquin Gustav. To buy Joaquin's cd, contact him in world of Second Life.

To buy the work of Francois for your first life, go to Francois' website.

To buy his work for your second life, go to the lighthouse at Roissy or to his main gallery at Body, Mind & Spirit. Some of his collections are also availabe in the Story of O gallery at Roissy (first and second floor) and at the Adult Art Gallery at Adult Hub (tp sign at landing point to second floor).

Enjoy your art!

Zena Zemlja,
Owner Art Galleries Body, Mind & Spirit,
Founder Legal Quality Art Galleries in SL.

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