zondag 18 december 2011

New Sensual Mystic Poetry Art

The first of my four poetry galleries will open this weekend:

 The Sensual Mystic Poetry Art Gallery, exhibiting illustrated Poetry Art about the every day seasons of life.

Spiritual poems illustrated with sensual photography by Marcus Ranum. Sensual photos transformed into Poetry Art by Zena Zemlja. Mystical thoughts with a sensual touch.

After the first Carly Collection, which contained 11 artworks made of four photos by Marcus Ranum of model Carly Champagne, I now have created a second series called Carly 2 Collection, containing another 11 artworks made of another four photos by same artist of same model.

The first series, created in 2009, describes the four seasons of life: feeling down, getting up, exhaling, getting on top. The second series takes a deeper look at what we have to do to get there: awake, introspect, reach, surrender.

An openings reception is scheduled on Sunday 18th of December, from 10 AM till 11 AM SLT. I will be present to answer all your questions.

Be welcome :)

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